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Control Windows Home Theater Media PC With Remote Control

Are you a multimedia aficionado? Do you like using home theater PC for watching movies, listening music and the sorts? Are you too lazy to change the volume or resize the screen of your PC while you sitting on a couch eating popcorns? Well, you definitely need a virtual remote control to do all the controlling work for you.

Armchair File Manager is an open source application you can use to manage your home theater PC files. It is a Java applet application bundled in a .jar file. It requires Java Runtime which can be freely downloaded & it’s absolutely easy to use. Armchair allows you to perform light-duty computing tasks from across the room without a keyboard or mouse. Armchair works best when your PC is connected to a widescreen television.


It presents your PC’s file structure in a standard fashion, typically on the left panel and information about the selected file or directory is displayed on the right panel. The remote control menu options will turn up after you press the OK tab on it.


Armchair File Manager boasts many good features, for instance, you can browse your whole disk structure, reach the media files and make certain changes like visibility by changing the font size. You can move, rename, delete or even print a file. The file manager can be used to play media files, view text, images & documents. You can also use it to browse the internet.




It also comes with a built in keyboard for typing, the speed will be obviously slow since you have to click one at a time.


Armchair File Manager is a must have tool for all media lovers who also like to have a handy device to navigate through the media files stored on their PC’s.

Considering it’s a Java enabled application, you can run it on all operating systems.

Click here for more info & to download

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