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ControlC: Remotely Access Clipboard History From A Network Location

We’ve covered a lot of clipboard managers that extend the functionality of the Windows native clipboard manager by allowing users to save the copied items into different data type-specific categories such as text, rich text, image, file etc. Since the default Windows Clipboard holds only one item at a time, you can use third-party clipboard tools to save multiple items as well as retain the clipboard data, even after a system reboot. Today, we came across a clipboard tool called ControlC that works in a slightly different way. It saves all the clipboard entries, including Text, Images and Files, and allows you to view the history database from a web browser (localhost). The application provides a minimalistic web app that runs on a localhost, allowing you to view your clipboard data from remote locations. Moreover, the clipboard history database is secured with a password, and only the authorized users can view the copied items. More on ControlC after the jump.

After installation, the application runs in the background. An icon for the program is added to your system tray. When the application is running, it automatically saves the items that you copy to clipboard. You can right click its system tray icon and select Show History to view all the saved clipboard items.


The data can be viewed in any browser window. After clicking the Show History, you will be taken to the web interface of ControlC. Just enter your password to view the saved clipboard contents.

Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-05_13-22-21

Once the access is granted, you can view all the data, including Text, Images, and Files. The web interface allows you to clipboard items by category or all clipboard data. Moreover, you can pick the most frequently used clipboard items by clicking a small star button present with each saved clipboard item, and copy any saved item from the list to Windows Clipboard.

Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-05_13-44-13

Select Advanced from the top right corner to view Advnaced Search, Settings and Blacklist tabs. The Advanced Search tab lets you search between the list of saved clipboard items. The Settings tab lets you specify General, Text, and Files & Images settings. For instance, you can choose the period of time to keep the Text, File and Image data. By default, 2 weeks are selected as the longest time to keep the data and you can select between any number of required Days, Weeks, Months and Years. Moreover, you can choose an upper size limit for saving  files and images.

Mozilla Firefox_2012-06-05_13-44-56

The application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download ControlC

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