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Convert Any Text Document Into A 3D Page-Flipping eBook With Flip pages worker

You’ve seen many conversion software, like audio converters that convert audio from one format to another or video converters that do the same for videos. You can also use programs like MS Word to convert documents between TXT, DOC, DOCX, RTF and PDF formats. Today, we will look at another application that converts TXT files to a digital flip-turning eBook format. The application is called Flip pages worker for eBook, a lite form of its premium version, 3D PageFlip Standard.Flip pages worker for eBook is a freemium, portable application for Windows. With this handy application, you can enjoy reading your TXT files in a 3D book format. It’s a portable application, so just extract the downloaded archive and run the executable to launch the application.

Flip pages worker for eBook - Windows

On the toolbar, you will see a variety of buttons such as Import TXT, Import PDF, Import Word, Import PPT, Import Photo, Apply Change and Convert To Flipping Book. Of these functions, the only ones the free version offers are the Import TXT, Apply Change and the Convert to Flipping Book. To activate the rest you must upgrade to the premium version, which costs $99. To begin, Click Import TXT, and the Import TXT Document window will open. First, input the file path in the text box or hit the browse button. After selecting your TXT file, you can use the rest of the options to choose which pages to import, imprint a Watermark and select the Quality of the Flip Book.

Flip page - Import TXT Document

Click Import Now, and your TXT file will be displayed in the preview window. Here, you can choose to fiddle around with the design settings in the left sidebar and change the color of the text, the sound played when a page is flipped, margin spacing etc.

Flip page - File Opened - Design Settings

Clicking the Bookmark Tab in the left sidebar opens the Bookmarks’ settings window. You can create a full tree-structure of bookmarks here, re-order them as you wish via drag-and-drop, and also import/export bookmarks as you desire.

Flip page - Bookmarks

Once the settings are configured, click Apply Change and the preview will be updated. You can peruse through your document by either clicking the navigation buttons on the bottom-right corner or the arrow-bars on the left and right of the pages. Once all the changes have been applied, click Convert To Flipping Book.

Flip page - Output Option

Now that the Output Option window is open, select the output format. You can choose between HTML, ZIP (with an SWF file and its associated data folders within), EXE, and an APP file extension. After choosing the output file-type, specify the output folder and the output file’s name in their respective input fields. Here, you will also find option related to Burning a copy of the output file to a CD. When all the settings are complete, click Convert. The output file will display the document with page-flipping animation.

Flip page - HTML Output Example

If you want, you can choose to activate the premium features and upgrade to 3D PageFlip Standard by clicking the other Import buttons. Once that is done, you will be able to convert PDF files, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and even photos to a digital flip-turning eBook. It’s worth mentioning here that closing the free version of the application will always open its product page and advertise the paid version.

Download Flip pages worker for eBook

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