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Convert .BIN To .ISO Image Format With WinBin2Iso

WinBin2Iso is a small portable utility for Windows that can convert BIN image format to ISO image format in one click. It requires no introduction, just select the source file, the target destination, and click Convert. It’s that simple to use. It can also convert BIN file that is over 2GB in size.

BIN is a disc image that stores binary data copied from a DVD or CD and can be mounted as a regular physical disc similar to ISO disc image format. The question arises as to why convert BIN format into ISO? The reason is because ISO is a standard disc image format and  many utilities can detect and mount it easily when compared to other disc images, such as, BIN, NGR, MDF, among many others. ISO is a standard and supported by numerous applications.

If you are having difficulty opening BIN file, you can first convert it to ISO image using this tool and then try opening it using some disk utilities.

convert bin to iso image format

Keep in mind that the default language of this tool is German. You will have to select English and then click Bin2Iso button to go to the main program. It requires no installation and since it is portable and weights only 27KB in size, it can be easily carried on the USB drive.

It has a very low CPU usage, works on all versions of Windows, and is multilingual. The perfect tool in perfect size that does one job very well. We were successfully able to convert some BIN images to ISO formats without any issues. Let us know how it worked for you.

Download WinBin2Iso

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