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Convert Videos Into HTML5 Formats, Upload To FTP With Easy HTML5 Video

In addition to whole lot of new and easy ways to embed web elements, HTML5 brings the convenience of inserting videos directly into websites which comply with latest web standards. The HTML5 video can be easily streamed without requiring extra plug-in for any popular web browser, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. If you are working on HTML5 based websites, you may need a tool to convert videos/animations into HTML5 format without having to follow any complex procedures, so they can be easily embedded into your website. Easy HTML5 Video, as name hints, developed to convert videos into HTML5 supported WebM, MP4, and OGG formats. The application generates an index page after conversion process ends to let users view embedded video. Moreover, it can directly upload the video to FTP server or to any local and remote location.

The usage is self-explanatory. On the main interface, drag the video you want to convert to HTML5 format and select the formats from the list present under New Video. You can convert video into multiple HTML5 video formats in one go. Additionally, it lets you select the video thumbnail which will be displayed before and after playing the video in any supported browser.  After specifying the formats, choose output video size, width, height, and resize method.

easy html 5 converter1

Before starting the conversion process, you can also change the title of the video and disable Autoplay option which is by default enabled. Now hit Start to begin the conversion process.

easy html 5 converter2

After conversion process for each selected format is finished, choose the publishing method. In case you choose FTP server, enter FTP server host name, login and password to establish FTP connection.

easy html 5 converter 3

On clicking Publish button, it will start creating index.html file, specified video thumbnail along with videos at specified location. EasyHTML5Video is free application with one catch; it puts EasyHTML5Video.com credit text on converted videos. However, you can purchase the commercial version, which costs $49, to remove the watermark.  EasyHTML5Video is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Download EasyHTML5Video


  1. I’ve been trying to use this for over a week. The Pros are that it is relatively easy to use, quick, and the files are smaller than what comes from some other converters, but all of this falls by the wayside when I discovered that there was an audio/video sync problem with each conversion. Since there’s only basic settings, I had to guess that maybe it had a hard time with 48K – that everything needed to be 44.1K – but that turned out not to be the case either. Another frustration: I want it to work and I’d like to have a dialogue with the “help” desk, but this turns out to be an almost surreal joke: “Tanya” writes you back – once a day (at 8:29 AM) to give you the barest of answers like “Please, send us your original video” and that’s it (this, after I already pointed her to the out-of-sync video and a question about 48 vs 44.1). You’ve got one shot to make your case each day and it better be before 8:29AM. CrAzY!

  2. Easy HTML5 Video is pretty much useless (The free version anyway).  It leaves a watermark on your video and the conversion is not optimized for web content so you’ll have to get your video to a suitible size first anyway.  I don’t see much point in that if I’m already optimizing the original video anyway.  Just convert it to the 3 or 4 formats while you’re doing that.

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