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Copy Changed/Modified Files From One Folder To Another In Windows

If you are looking to copy only those files that have been modified/changed from the pool of thousands of other files, then it is unquestionably a difficult task. I have personally seen users making complicated scripts for such a task, if you are an ordinary computer user with no programming background, you are still lucky.

CopyChangedFiles is a tiny free portable utility for Windows that only copies the files that have been modified by the user on or after a specific date. And yes, it does support Multi-Threading. Just select the from and to destinations, select the changed on or after date, the file types and hit Copy.

copy changed modified files

So what’s the use you ask? Various, among them the most important use that comes in my mind is to make incremental backups. According to the developer another usage is when you have a lot of customer websites that you maintain and only want to update the changed files.

Download CopyChangedFiles

It works on all versions of Windows. Enjoy!


  1. Indeed. What about source files that are newer than the destination? I can do this with FTP so I’m shocked that you can’t do this by simply copying and pasting…

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