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Copy Complex Directory Structures Without Copying The Files Within

Miroirs is a new tool in town that allow users to clone a complex directory structure without having to copy the files within. It has a minimalist interface but the downside is the lack of portability. You can can consider using this neat little app if you need to copy the directory structures frequently.

It can only copy one directory structure at a time. Additionally there are two option given – “Clear target location before copy” and “Also copy files to target location”. Checking the first option will delete any file inside the target directory while the second option makes sure the files too are cloned along with the directory.


Download Miroirs

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Update: If you are a command line geek like Willem(read his comment), then you can try using Xcopy /t /e command as shown in the screenshot below. But this method is for advanced users only, beginners can resort to using Miroirs.

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