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Copy Path, Resize Images & Install Fonts From Windows 8 Context Menu

Some elements of Windows drastically improve productivity. The right-click context menu (a unified feature that is also present in Linux and Mac OS X) proudly stands among those elements. Earlier, we covered various applications that let you edit the context menu and push in various shell extensions and program shortcuts, not available by default. For instance, Menu Uninstaller adds uninstall command to the context menu to remove an application without going to Add / Remove Programs in Control Panel. Likewise, Context Menu Editor can add app shortcuts for quick access. Today, we stumbled upon another one such tool called ShellTools. It’s a powerful yet lightweight shell extension that can add a set of useful options to right-click menu. It can enable a wide-array of commands, such as Resize image, Install or Uninstall font, Copy size, Copy path, Show hidden files, Show file extensions, File note and Refresh icons.

It must be noted that the Resize feature uses ImageMagick graphics library, thus only works when you have its binary installed on your PC. The resize option is quite handy to instantaneously change an image dimension among various predefined resolutions. That said, you can quickly change a 1920 x 1080 image to 1280 x 720 via right clicking the file and choosing your desired resolution. A fresh copy with newly applied resolution is saved in the original image directory.

Upon installation, the application automatically adds some default shell extensions. For instance, users who frequently find the need to open Folder Options to toggle hidden files can rather use the “Show hidden files” option. Similarly, you’re better of with toggling Show file extensions button instead of opting for the longer route.

ShellTools_Context Menu

Some of the shell extensions are contextual and only appear upon right-clicking a specific file. For instance, Copy Size and Copy Path only reveal themselves when you click a file, for lets say, a TXT file. Copy size allows copying file size either in bytes, or KiB (kilobytes), to the clipboard. If you need to paste a file’s location on the hard drive, simply use the Copy path option.


The miniscule control panel of the application (which can be accessed via clicking ShellTools options within the context menu) allows you to enable / disable the available commands. You can simply use the Show or Hide setting, as well as change it to only show when Shift key is pressed. You can load custom resolution sizes in a similar way.


In a nutshell, ShellTools is an excellent application to enable some of the frequently used file operations and options within the context menu. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download ShellTools

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