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Create 3D Flash Gallery Without Learning To Code With CU3OX

CU3OX provides simplified options for creating attractive 3D Flash picture galleries. This can be quite handy for making image slides which can be embedded on a webpage as banners and slideshows. Tje interface is quite similar to the previously reviewed Wow Slider, however, it does not watermark images like the free version of Wow Slider.  What makes CU3OX useful is that you can create 3D galleries without having extensive knowledge of Flash animation, HTML, CSS or Javascripts. It provides easy to use options for adjusting image transition, adding effects, slideshow time delay, etc. You can insert pictures to the gallery by simple drag & drop, upload gallery to an FTP server, add audio to the slideshow, insert the gallery into an HTML page and use the generated HTML code to embed it on a webpage. CU3OX has both a paid and free version and is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

To get started, drag & drop images to CU3OX interface. You can arrange the added images by dragging them around or from the buttons on the toolbar above. The drop down menu at the bottom can be used to set image effects. To add a headline and description, click on the image and type the description in the available text boxes.  Once the pictures are added Click Publish.

drag drop

This will open a window which will enable adjusting gallery settings. You can add a title, watermark, standard logo, shadow effect, background color, enable slideshow loop and insert an audio file to the 3D gallery from the General tab.


The Images tab provides options for selecting image size, rotation effect and time delay for the added images.


Whereas, the Description tab can be used to manage font appearance and selecting a transition effect.


Finally, choose a location to save the gallery file from the Publish tab. You can publish the gallery to a folder and view it in your default browser, upload it to an FTP server and insert it into an HTML page. After selecting a location, click Publish to create the gallery.

Publish gallery

Your 3D Flash gallery will be immediately created. The images will rotate according to the pre-defined time delay and switch according to your selected effects.

cu3ox.com Free 3D Flash Gallery - Mozilla Firefox

The free version provides transition management features, as well as as slice, directional rotation effects, etc , whereas, the paid version contains a Visual Light Box and a WoW slider. It is a useful image slider with a simplified interface, which allows easy creation and management of 3D Flash galleries. However, if you are interested in a more advanced image slider check out Kurst.

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

Download CU3OX

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