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Create A Mirrored Encrypted Folder And Sync New Files To It [Windows]

Cloud back-ups have become very common with the increasing number of services that offer cloud drives to individual end users. Those who aren’t too trusting of cloud drives may perhaps use a hard drive, or other backup options to keep their data from being lost. That said, it is a repetitive process, a cycle that needs to run at regular intervals so that the newest files you’ve added are always backed up. Meet Crococrypt; it’s a simple encryption app that creates a mirrored encrypted folder of any folder you choose. It saves a decryption key file to your system. Without the key file, your encrypted files cannot be decrypted. The app also syncs new files that were added to a folder to its encrypted mirrored container.


Crococrypt has both a full-install and a portable version. You must first create the Key File and make sure you never ever lose it or you will not be able to decrypt your files.


Once you’ve set up the key file, you can select which folders to back up, and where to back them to. The app works with both local drives or external drives, and with network drives. This means your folder might reside on your system but you can easily back it up to a remote location. Select the folder from the ‘Containers’ tab. The ‘Source’ folder is the folder you are backing up, and the ‘Container’ folder is the encrypted mirrored version of this folder. Bear in mind that moving the source folder will break the ‘sync’ feature.


Once you’ve set up both the source folder and its container, Crococrypt will sync the files and encrypt them. It runs sync and encryption in the background. You can use the decrypt button to extract all files from a container and the Explorer button to view them in Windows Explorer.

Download Crococrypt For Windows

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  1. Thanks for the nice review. Recently, we released version 1.2 under the given link in the article. This version contains some bugfixes AND 32bit support – as requested by some users.

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