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Create A Secure And Encrypted Virtual Hard Drive With CruptoExpert

CruptoExpert is a free security tool that lets you create an encrypted virtual drive to store your personal and confidential files. To understand how it works, you should first understand the concept of mounting an image file. What this software does is creates a secure image file, you can mount this image file and copy/paste your information easily to the virtual drive, and later you can unmount it. Mounting an image file means creating a virtual drive, when you mount an image, it’s content is shown in the virtual drive, i.e any information stored in the virtual drive is actually stored inside the image file. Nobody can access the image except you, since it requires a password.

Now since the concept is clear, let me explain how to create a secure and encrypted virtual hard drive using this software.

Once the software is installed, it will load itself in the system traybar. Open it and you will see main window as shown in the screenshot below.

cryptoexpert main window Click the image above to enlarge.

First we will create a new image file, click the New button and a wizard window will open which will help you create a new encrypted image file. Enter the destination and the file name where you would like to save your image file. I created an image file by the name confidential and saved it in drive F. Since it creates .ccf image file, it will add this prefix automatically.

create encrypted drive image file

In the next step set the encryption options by choosing the encryption mode and Hash function.

set encyption options

If you don’t know what these are, simply proceed by leaving these settings as default. In the next step specify the size of the image file and also choose the file system and click Next. Since this software is a free version, it can create a drive image file of only 50MB in size.

drive image size

In the next step, assign a password to your drive image file and click Next.

password protect image file In the final step, uncheck Mount File After Creation checkbox and click Create.

create and mount image file

Now you will see your image file in the main window, right-click this image file and click Mount to begin mounting it as a virtual hard drive.

mount an image file

It will ask for the password, enter the password that you assigned and click OK.

enter password to mount file

There are multiple ways to mount the file, either you can mount it by the method above or by simply double-clicking the image file. You can also mount the image file by right-clicking the system traybar and selecting the image that you want to mount.

mount an image using system traybar

Now you will see a virtual drive that acts just like your other hard drives.

virtual hard drive

You can copy your important files in it and unmount it later by using the same method that you used to mount it.

Note: After you have unmounted the image file, you should store the image file in some secure place since all files are stored inside the image file. You can also copy this image file in a USB drive and use it in another computer by installing this software and then mounting it.

So if you are looking forward to save some confidential information or files, you should give this tool a try. Enjoy!

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