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Create CPU Usage Rules And Keep Application Usage In Defined Range With Process Tamer

It happens quite so often that system bogs down while using an encoder to convert one hefty media file format, this is because of some threads start utilizing all the available resources of CPU, causing user to wait until the completion of process. You might have encountered such problems with an application which is buggy in terms of consuming too much of memory or CPU resources. Apparently there isn’t anything you can do with the application or program’s instance which is bogging down your system but to close it down for restoring CPU to normal state. Process Tamer is a small application which is designed to address such CPU-resource utilization problems. It claims to be efficient in taming down the specified application’s CPU usage to let you carry on with your work without any disruption.

After the installation, you will see it residing in the system tray. The application is persistent in checking all the instances which are running in background. Be it user initiated threads or system’s self generated, it keeps them all under observation.  From its system tray menu, click Configure to view all the process which are being monitored and to specify 3rd-party application to include in the system tray menu. You can set CPU usage priority of each running application, kill an application, or terminate selected application forcibly.

Explicit Rule feature is quite useful, alongside priority, rules can be created with each active application. You can keep thread’s CPU usage to low, high, below normal, etc.

tamer -1

Under Configuration window, you can set options for handling application usage. Its working is based on both low and high triggers which are by default set to 08 and 70 respectively. When an application tries to transgress the defined threshold, it will start minimizing application’s CPU usage.

configure 2

It also informs user with a pop-up message about the application whose priority is being lowered down to keep the CPU usage in defined range.


Since it deploys an effective mechanism for handling CPU usage, users dealing with hefty IDEs, high-FPS video editors, 3-D image manipulation software should consider giving it a shot. It supports all versions of Windows while testing was done on Windows 7 x64 system.

Download Process Tamer


  1. Thanks for the review but what happens if a process needs really an important amount of CPU but the user earlier had defined a limit, thus this will hang windows?

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