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Create, Debug, And Run C# Scripts With CSDirect

It can be quite a hassle to test, debug, and run C # scripts in Visual Studio, as sometimes it takes too much time to open project and test individual scripts. To quickly compile C# scripts without having to open Visual Studio or define Import and references lists, you can use previously featured standalone application, called FastSharp which lets you compile and run C# code along with VB and F# as well. However, the downside of application is that it doesn’t support syntax highlighting and code auto-completion features, plus you can’t gain access to your custom libraries.

CSDirect is developed to write, debug, test, and run individual C# script while allowing you to refer to .NET complaint libraries for accessing your own libraries. CSDirect IDE has the ability to highlight code syntax in order to mark incorrect usage of syntax and other related errors. In addition to syntax highlighting, it supports auto-complete feature as well which may help you with script creation.

csdirect 1

When you copy a script from an external source, you will need to Format the Document from Edit menu. Once formatted, it is ready to be debugged. The Debug menu lets you run the script and build the library. The Object Browser in Tool menu allows viewing all the pre-defined objects; you can add required runtime references assemblies which will be loaded at script execution and insert additional libraries to be used from Object Filter tab in Options window.


Once done, click apply and restart the CSDirect to make the changes. On the toolbar, it provides some basic text editor options, such as, copy, paste, save, new, etc. The Play and Stop button initiate code run and stop code debugging, respectively. In case of errors,  the small output console residing at bottom of window helps you identify code run problems. CSDirect works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download CSDirect


  1. I would highly recommend checking out LinqPad (http://www.LinqPad.net). I do all my proof of concept development in LinqPad which works as a scripting environment as well as a SQL query tool. Languages supported are C#, VB, F#, raw SQL, and more. It has syntax highlighting as well. It’s incredibly powerful and I haven’t even begun to do it justice.

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