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Create / Edit CSV Files And Apply Functions With CSVStar

CSV files are used to store database table values which are separated by comma or user-defined character. Considering the significance of databases and the need to modify their table values without using any specific database engine/compiler, CSVStar offers one-stop solution to create, modify, edit CSV files while offering functions (like COUNT,RANDOM,SEQUENCE) and some Query-based options which are specifically included for database experts. The main theme of the application is to facilitate users with all the essential tools which are required while working on CSV file.

The usage is based on designing the template to help users in creating a CSV file. The template creation is easy, as you just need to specify the data fields, header fields and tailer fields along with some basic CSV file-related configurations. The reason behind author’s recommendation of using templates is that they will provide the best structure and figure of CSV file. The whole interface is divided by different colors. The yellow bar at the top is the search pane for searching based on the terms.

template manager1

The right sidebar offers CSV file editing with all the tools necessary to jump across different elements of CSV file contents. To begin, click Template Manager in toolbar. Right click in Template pane and for creating a new template select the respective option. It also allows you to import CSV template file. Once template name is specified, start defining Data Fields/Header Fields/Tailer Fields as per requirements. For creating a new item, right-click in the respective panes and select New. For each data field, it is mandatory to define the data type, format, and name of the data field.


Once the template is designed, click Close to bring back the main interface, now just select the previously created template to either start populating it by yourself or import a CSV file with relevant fields values.

editing data fields1

If you’re working on an enormous CSV file, filters present in search pane will come handy to narrow down the result. It lists down all the columns of CSV file to let you seek out the required value. It runs on Windows XP/Vista/7, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

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