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Create & Edit Run Command Aliases For Quick Launching Of Programs

In Windows, desktop shortcuts allow us to access the frequently used programs, files and folders without having to go to their separate directories. For instance, if you want to launch Mozilla Firefox, you can just click its desktop or taskbar icon. If there is no shortcut for the application, you will have to open the Windows Explorer, go to the install location, locate the executable file and run it to access the program. Imagine how much time would it take to open each app which normally requires you to do just a couple of clicks on your desktop. There is also another way to open some applications; the Windows + R “Run” console. It allows you to open some programs just by typing their name in the run dialog box. For example, if you enter “firefox” or “chrome” in the Run dialog and press Enter, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers will launch, respectively. By default, you can access some of the default Windows programs, such as Notepad, and some third party applications, including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, directly by entering their name in the Run dialog box. Windows + R Alias Manager is an application for Windows 8 that lets users create custom aliases for their most used applications, files and folders, for use in the Run dialog box.

Windows supports creating aliases to start applications from the Run dialog box, but there is no particular option that enables users to create aliases. Using Windows + R Alias Manager, you can create any custom alias (one or more than one alias for any software, file or folder), for the current User, or a system wide alias.

Before you create an alias, make sure that you are logged in to Windows with administrative rights. The main interface of Win + R Alias Manager lists all the aliases available to the users by default. At the top, there are buttons to Add, Edit, Delete, Run and Browse and alias.

Win R Alias Manager

To edit an item, select it from a list and either right-click it, or choose the Edit option from the top. The right-click context menu has Run, Edit, Delete, Browse and Add New as the available options.

Win R Alias Manager Context Menu

The Edit Item window lets you enter the alias name, executable file path, and choose if you want the alias to be applicable system-wide, or just for the current User. If you want to create a completely new alias, just select Add New from the right-click context menu.

Edit Item Alias

Once added, you will be able to see the newly created aliases, along with the old ones, in the main application’s main interface.

Win R Alias Manager Edited

Now, you can open the Run dialog box and just type ”ff”, or “gc” to open the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser. Only alphabets can be entered as aliases, and digits and symbols are not supported by Windows. Win + R Alias Manager works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Win + R Alias Manager

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