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Create GIF Animations From Multiple Videos & Images With KickMyGraphics

GIF or Graphics Interchange Format image is the most popular file format for simple animated images. It supports a separate palette of 256 colors for each frame, and you can use GIF animation tools like the portable AnimateGIF to create flawless GIF animations with custom frame delay and option to run the animation once or in a loop, or even combine multiple GIF images into a single file. However, if you want to create GIFs from videos, you will need a different tool that can extract the frames of a video for you, and KickMyGraphics does just that. It is a basic tool that allows you to create animations from video frames, while giving you some simple editing options such as resizing the frame size, choosing the speed of the GIF animation, and cutting out unwanted frames. Other than supporting a lot of video formats, it also lets you work with images files as well as existing GIFs. More on KickMyGraphics after the jump.

The main interface of the application is pretty straight-forward and contains all the options presented over a black background. Upon launching the app, the top-center part of the interface shows the name of the software and its developer, with a little ‘Okay’ button to its right; click it to activate the program options.

Please select your video file.

Click the Add graphics button available in the lower-left side to load video or image file(s) into the application. The application has certain limitations such as the number of frames it can handle, and the size of each frame. When you load a file, the tool will automatically adjust it according to the requirements of KickMyGraphics. All the controls for creating the GIF are available at the bottom. You can perform various editing actions from here such as changing the height and width of frames, zooming in, changing the delay after each frame, selecting the number of times the GIF will repeat, choosing the output quality, etc.


You can select or deselect a frame by clicking it from the horizontal list. All the selected frames will be highlighted in blue. Once all settings are done, click the Make Animated GIF button.

VID_20121215_164545.MP4 - Zoom level 100% - Size 1024 x 576 - Output size 1024 x 576 - 23 of 45 frame(s) selected, output 46 frames (loopback mode)

The GIF will be created and saved on your Desktop, and can be accessed using any image viewer that supports the GIF format. If you don’t have an image viewer for GIF files installed, you can simply use your web browser for the purpose, as all modern browsers support GIF files natively. KickMyGraphics works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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