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Create Groups Of Apps, Websites & Files To Launch Them Together

As soon as I boot up my PC, there are a number of tools and websites that I start instantly. Like a routine, I open some of these websites in Mozilla Firefox, while others in Google Chrome. This requires me to open each browser separately, and perform a certain sequence of clicks to reach the desired state. Just like me, I am sure many other people have a certain group of programs that they use and favorite websites they like to visit whenever they log into their computers. Using the Windows Startup, you can select different software to run along with Windows, but you cannot open different websites in different internet browsers.

AutoStarter X3 is a portable tool that lets you run your favorite programs, open files and folders, open web pages in separate tabs, and play music all by running a single batch file. The app allows you to create a sequence of different items and save them in a batch file. Executing the batch file will run all the items in the specified sequence and save you the trouble of opening everything separately.

The main interface provides easy controls to add files, folders, and software to the batch file. At the top, there are Add, Edit, Delete, Up, Down, New Open, Save, Save As, Test and Batch buttons available to help you perform the task quickly.

AutoStarter X3

Click Add, to add an item to the list. You can add files, open web pages in separate tabs or separate windows (Firefox, Chrome, Opera and other available in the list of supported browsers), open directory, open shortcut, play music stored in a certain directory, open file with custom program, and execute a program. Each type of item has its own options to add it to the batch list.

AutoStarter X3 Add

Once everything is added to the list, you can test the batch file before creating it by pressing the Test button. It executes all the programs, opens websites in the specified browsers, plays music, accesses folders and all the other functions that you have defined in the batch file. Moreover, you will find the option to save the list of all the items to retrieve them at a later time. Click Batch to save the batch file.

Program Manager

You can create multiple batch files for different combinations of programs for different scenarios. For instance, if you use the same computer for office and personal work, you can create two batch files, each for one setting. AutoStarter X3 works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download AutoStarter X3

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  1. can we delay the launch ?
    one of missing thing on windows startup is to launch all programme at the same time, and even with SSD , it lag a little to launch 15-20 software at sametime

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