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Create & Manage Windows User Accounts Or Permissions With A Basic UI

Windows is a powerful OS and with great power come lots of options to customize your OS so it works exactly how you need it to. It’s built to meet just about every need you might have on your personal or shared family computer. It’s hard to imagine an operating system without user accounts but for someone who isn’t too familiar with Windows account management, creating and managing these accounts might be difficult. Quick User Manager is an account creation and management tool for Windows that gives you a simple UI to manage permissions for a user account. You can change an account’s status to that of administrator or downgrade it to that of a simple user or a guest account. Additionally, you can prevent the user of an account from changing passwords with admin rights, as well as change the password for it, delete it, or hide it from the welcome screen.

Quick User Manager is a portable tool that works on Windows 7 and above. We tried it on Windows 10 and while it looked bad in terms of UI, it worked perfectly. Launch the app and it will automatically list all configured users on your system. The tool is best used from the administrator account. Select an account from the left column to edit it. You can change it’s password, set a password for it if one hasn’t been set already, remove a password, change the display picture for an account, or even delete the user.


Click the ‘Create user account’ button at the very bottom if you want to create a new account. The Account type i.e. the privilege it has, a password, and a photo to go with it are all set here. Once you’ve created the account, you can select it from the list that appears in the left column and set other restrictions for it or edit the ones you set while creating it.


Quick User Manager is great for anyone who doesn’t know much about managing accounts but would still like to be able to manage them without having to jump through a million hoops.

Download Quick User Manager For Windows

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