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Create Professional Charts And Plot Graphs With Graph Made Easy

Undoubtedly, graphs and charts provide the best way to summarize a large set of data values. Charting out data values from a lengthy spreadsheets and data grids is a cumbersome and time wasting task, as one have to excavate deep into the data sets to extract those values which are to be plotted on graph. If you’ve ever found it difficult to create a chart, give Graph Made Easy (GME) a shot. It is an application for creating a wide range of graphs and charts by entering minimal set of data entries. With this app, you wont have to specify the labels, design gridlines and fill out bloated form for entering chart data. It had been developed to keep creating and designing charts, overly simple.

After the app is installed, launch the application. It will greet you with a dialog box, asking to choose the chart type and X Axis values type – Dates or Numbers.  Just select the chart type followed by X-Axis and click OK.


It will set chart tools and options according to selected chart type. The left sidebar holds all the respective chart type tools. For instance, if you’ve selected Pie chart, you will get to have slice inserter and pie marker along with other basic charting tools, including, arrow, text label, lasso, etc. Now click the slice inserter to populate chart with items by entering data value.

Nothing is difficult here, just add slice according to specified axis type (number or date) followed by legend text. Alternatively, you can move to Font, Layout and Border tabs to change the font size, color and family, layout design, and to set chart borders respectively.

area 2

GME can transform your designed chart into any of supported chart type. If you want to convert Pie chart into Bar chart, from toolbar, click pull-down menu present alongside Units, to choose a chart type. It will  convert the chart type and plot the specified data values immediately.

bar 2

Once chart is designed, you can either choose to print the chart or simply save it as an image. GME also comes with a Standard edition (costs $20) which has advanced charting features and tools. .

Download Graph Made Easy

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