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Create Server Backup Plan With Ocster Backup

If you have a Home Server, it is recommended that you connect and make a backup of all files to an external hard drive. You can also opt for backing up your files online on the cloud. If you are looking to back up all your files to an external hard disk, then Ocster Backup can help you in the process.

It is an advanced yet easy to use backup tool that can create fully automatic backups of your data. Once the backups are created, they can be encrypted and password protected. It compresses every backup to save space. You can either perform a manual backup or them on schedule.

Ocster Backup

Ocster Backup Hard Disk

Ocster Backup Files

Ocster Backup Schedule

Ocster Backup Free has limited features, such as, you cannot backup to/from a network, cannot restore individual files/folders, etc. It can also backup online but the cost will depend on each plan you choose.

Download Ocster Backup

Personally, I am using Windows Backup and Restore which is build inside Windows 7. You can also use two free 3rd party tools – FileMyster and SyncBreeze.

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