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Create Slideshows Using Online Images, YouTube Videos & Screencasts

There was a time when it was difficult for an individual to make high definition slideshows on their own computer. Most of the times, one had to hire a professional for the job. Slideshows are a great way to share pictures with others, as they remove the need to manually move to the next picture, enabling you to sit back and just enjoy the image sequence appearing on the screen. There are a huge number of videos available on YouTube that are basically a picture slideshow with some cool music track playing in the background. Some of them even have transition effects that make the image appear and disappear in different styles. All those slideshows are not created by professionals as, thanks to free applications, this task can now be performed by all kinds of novice and expert users in just a few easy steps. Previously, we have covered some great slideshow creators, including Slideshow Creator, a program to create slideshows with audio and transition effects, and ezvid, a tool to generate slideshows, with audio, narration, text tiles, and the ability to control the display time of each image. Today, we have another slideshow creator called Smideo, which lets you generate video slideshows using local pictures and videos, YouTube Videos, images from Flickr and screencasts.

After you install the application, you will have to unlock the software (the first time only). The unlock step is completely free and only requires you to enter your Name and Email Address.

Abelssoft - Free Registration

Working with the application is pretty easy, since a built-in wizard takes you through the whole process of creating the video slideshow. When you run the software for the first time, select Create Project and enter a Project Name to start making the slideshow.

Program Manager_2012-07-18_12-37-27

The application allows you to download free content that can be used in your project. It includes bundles of free images and audio files. Select any, or all, of the packages and click Download.

Download free sample pictures, music and movies

Once the files are available, you can use them to create video slideshow, The wizard contains 5 steps needed to complete the project. You can go through them one by one or jump directly to any of the steps by clicking its name in the first window.

Smideo video project

You can add files and complete folders to the application in order to make them available for the project. Double click a file to invert the selection. All files are selected by default. Click Open Folder to add images from a folder not listed in the Known Files section.

Smideo video project 2

Then, choose the videos and pictures that you want to use in your sideshow. You can change the display time of each picture, and add Text Overlay, as well as a subtitle for the image.

Smideo video project 3

In the next step, select the audio track that will be played as background music for the slideshow. You can set the Fade In and Face Out audio effects with varying Starting and Ending levels.

Smideo video project 4

In the final step, select the Name and save location for the image. You can also set the Resolution and choose a Video Effect, from Dynamic and Relaxing, for the final video. Click Finish to save the slideshow.

Smideo video project 5

The application is available in both free and paid versions. The free version is limited in the video resolution that can be used to save the video in. An option to save the video in HD resolution is only available in paid versions of Smideo.

Download Smideo

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