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Create Wallpapers By Trimming & Scaling Raw Images Using BackGrounder

Sometimes, it so happens that we find a very good image on the internet, and we instantly want to set it as our desktop wallpaper. It can be anything from an image of our favorite car to a photo of our favorite celebrity. However, a common problem faced by many users is the height and width of the image being different than that of your computer screen. Sure, we can use the default Windows options for adjusting wallpapers, including Center, Tile, Stretch, Fill and Fit, but that only changes the size of the image without letting you decide which part of the picture to show in the center of the screen. BackGrounder is an application for Windows that allows you to easily scale and trim images, enabling you to create wallpapers from an image. Other than creating wallpapers, you can also use it to scale images for webpages or trim them to a required size.

Normally, if you try to make a wallpaper with a higher resolution fit on a monitor with a lower resolution, there is a big chance that it will get messed up. Using this tool, you can cut out small wallpapers from an image of a higher resolution so that it can fit your monitor perfectly. The application has some simple but very useful options to customize images. There are a total of five values that you are allowed to configure, namely X Size, Y Size, Scale, X Position and Y Position. BackGrounder allows you to load an image file using the Open option under the File menu, or by dragging and dropping it into the image area. To trim an image, enter the values for the X and Y size that are required in the finished image. You can edit the image either by entering the required values in the text boxes, or by dragging the selection box with the mouse to the set position of the area that needs to be selected. For changing the scale, either enter a selected value, or use your mouse scroll to increase or decrease the scale size. Note that, using the mouse scroll while holding down the shift key, makes the scale size increase or decrease faster. When all settings are done, select Save to replace the original image, or Save As to save the trimmed image in a new file.


BackGrounder has a memory foot print of 13 MB and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, including 64-bit architecture.

Download BackGrounder

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