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How to crossplay Among Us

Among Us is a game that’s best played with friends. In fact, you need at least four people to play a single game and the more players you have, the better the game is.

The maximum limit is ten but any number of players between four and ten will do. If you want to play online with friends, you can all try to join the same game. 

With Among Us, it doesn’t matter which platform your friends play on. Among Us has excellent crossplay.

Crossplay Among Us

Crossplay is basically when the platform you’re playing on i.e., Windows, iOS, or Android, becomes irrelevant because the games on each platform deliver the same experience and players can join the same game from any platform.

In order to Crossplay Among Us you need;

  • Among Us installed on all the devices you want to play from.
  • A game local or online to join.

Crossplay Among Us – Local game

Follow these steps to crossplay Among Us with your friends when you have a local game set up.

  1. Launch Among Us and set up a local game.
  2. Make sure all devices are on the same network.
  3. Open the game on each device.
  4. Go to Local on the main screen.
  5. The local game will show up in the list of available games. Select it to join.

Crossplay Among Us – Online game

These directions work if you’re looking to join an online game from the list of public games or if you’ve set up a private game online

  1. Make sure the game is already set up. If you’re looking to join a public online game, the window to join it may be small so act fast.
  2. Note the code for the game.

  1. On other devices, open Among Us.
  2. Tap Online.
  3. Tap Enter Code under Private and enter the code you noted.
  4. Tap Go to join the game.
  5. If there is room in the game, you will be able to join it.


Among Us offers excellent crossplay; the game versions developed for each platform have the same features and all that’s needed to get everyone in the same game is an active network. There are games that are similar to Among Us in that users all play online but because of their nature i.e., some are just too heavy to be run on a mobile device or a Mac, they can’t offer crossplay. With Among Us, there isn’t much that’s needed to get the game to run seamlessly and crossplay is easy to implement.

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