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Crusper: Perform Simple Tasks By Moving Mouse Cursor Over Screen Corners

Moving the cursor around and clicking programs and files to access them is quite convenient, but if you were looking for a rather quick way to perform simple computer tasks, then you should give Crusper a try. This application has been developed to use screen corners and mouse movements to perform common tasks, ranging from opening a program, file or folder to restarting or shutting down. The utility sits in the system tray and silently tracks every mouse movement, without hogging system performance too much. When you move the mouse to a corner of the screen, it immediately performs the specified task. Moreover, you can create a combination of screen corners, like the top left + bottom right, to perform more operations. Details to follow.

On first launch, the application starts a calibration process that asks you to calibrate your screen and mouse for performing the tasks,  although, you can run the calibration process anytime from the settings window. Crusper has a very ordinary looking and minimalistic user interface with buttons for navigating through the app’s features.

Crusper - Main Screen

Assigning shortcuts to the app is easy. Just click Create a new shortcut on the main window to open the task panel. Here, you can choose to assign a few operations. For instance, if you want the application to open your desired application, click Open A Program, specify the application source path, and then click OK to continue.

Create a new task

Once done, you need to generate a script, which includes moving mouse pointer to a specific screen corner(s). You can make as many different combinations as you want, though keep in mind that the combinations don’t overlap with each other or you might end up creating a process conflict. To make a combination, choose any corner and click it to add it to your combination. For instance, Top Left + Top Right  or Bottom Left + Bottom Right + Top Right and so on. When done, click OK to add it to shortcut database.

New Task Calibration Screen

You can delete any existing shortcut from shortcut database, by clicking Edit current shortcuts. Clicking Crusper Setting takes you to the tool’s settings window, where you can set Combination Renew Delay time in seconds (default 2) – enable/disable Auto Script Playing (enabled by default) – set the application to load at windows start up and Re-Calibrate the screen.


Crusper is quite a great application, which offers a fun way of interacting with your computer, however; it consists of an abysmal interface design which is not even close to looking good. We hope the developers would try to give it a little bit of makeover in the future updates. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions are supported.

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