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Crystal AEP Protects Your System Against Drive-By (Unintended) Download Exploits

From home-based users to large scale industrial organizations, the relevance of the Internet has exposed systems to a variety of vulnerabilities where viruses, malware and hackers easily penetrate through firewalls to gain and exploit root access of the systems. Usually, a conventional antivirus compares programs and data with a database of known ‘bad’ programs to detect and kill viruses, but, on the internet, an unsuspecting user may follow directions on a website of interest, yielding installations, which actually fall through the security cracks of the system. Another popular penetration method used by malware is through ‘drive-by downloads’. These exploits aren’t caused by any user interaction and come into effect due to malicious websites, escaping through internet-exposed software (such as your browser) to the system. Crystal Anti-Exploit Protection prevents attacks that originate without any user interaction and works in coordination with your anti-virus to present a highly secure usage experience.

Crystal AEP monitors user-specified applications that are exposed to the internet, like browsers, email clients and the like to prevent any malicious background activity or attack. The software rests in your system tray after installation, silently working against exploits. Remember, if your browser starts crashing or you aren’t able to access your Control Panel, either disable Crystal AEP or lower the set protection level.

Crystal AEP Main

As evident, the Anti-Exploit Protection Level can be switched between four levels depending on your preference and need. The software works efficiently even at ‘Minimum’ protection level avoiding any disruption in sensitive programs. Moreover, you have the flexibility to enable both or either of the content filtering and anti-exploit feature sets. The interface complexity can easily be adjusted according to the comfort level of the user. The advanced features can then be modified by clicking More at the bottom right corner of the main window.

Crystal AEP expanded

Apart from feature selection, Realtime events can be monitored for better monitoring and protection. The anti-exploit software also makes its presence felt by a floating icon, which indicates the protection level as well as provision of exiting the program.

Crystal AEP Basic Options

There are two levels of configurations, accessible through the menu bar. The Basic Options define the monitoring scope with the option to add/remove programs from the currently protected list with custom level protection and feature specification options at the bottom of the window.

Crystal AEP Expert Options

Moreover, the Expert Options enable a more detailed view to the protected programs in terms of active processes with respect to connection, memory, API and COM monitors coupled with incoming and outgoing data filers validation. In addition, if you are unsuccessful in uninstalling this program, just click Remove Crystal Fully here to perform the desired operation.

We tested this useful application on Windows 7, 64-bit edition while it supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 for installation and monitors only 32-bit programs.

Download Crystal AEP

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