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CubicExplorer Is Portable Alternative To Windows Explorer

CubicExplorer is a light-weight portable application which can be used as a replacement of Windows Explorer. Among the list of features is tabbed interface, which is seemingly necessary and has numerous advantages over navigation buttons. Not only does it provide user-friendly tabbed interface but also features numerous useful options as well.

The shining part is that it is a portable application, so you wont need to hassle with installing the application. It has a capability of searching data instantly, you can also set it to search text within files. The interface is quite handy in terms of using the application as one permanent explorer. The main navigation bar at the top will enable you to quickly navigate through the files and folders, search data, view media files in respective applications, switch views, etc. You can open frequently used folders in tabs to quickly access them whenever you want. Another noteworthy aspect is that it let users save the sessions, so they can open the saved windows without wasting any time. Sessions can be saved from Sessions menu, where you can load and save the session in multiple ways.


You can play audio & video media files in its native player, which is not full-featured but carries ample playback options to get along with. It also includes a simple text editor and image viewer. However, you can always use your favorite application for playing media files or viewing images.


The application is highly customizable, it offers a long list of thematic layouts. Under Tools menu, click Settings to bring up application configuration window where you can change General, Tabs and Display settings. Under Display window, you can switch to different themes for applying the best one out of the lot.

CubicExplorer Options

Overall, it is one neat application carrying some enhanced features and options to explore your system without much effort involved. Features like; saving sessions, bookmarking elements and tabbed interface are the most prominent and useful from the rest of features it offer.

It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it onĀ  Windows 7 x86 system.

Download CubicExlplorer

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  • I have used this software since a couple of years now. It is good but only for Local Computer, as soon as you start using it for Data over LAN / Wifi it freezes and many times crashes / not responds.

    I stopped using it since i lost my patience on waiting for it to respond over LAN. I looked for any other Free Alternate (Which are very Rare) but found an amazing (so lite weight) and fully functional Explorer Alternate with All features of Windows Explorer. It is WDE (Windows Double Explorer) http://wde.codeplex.com/

    Check it out and compare, it is amazing. Using it since 4-6 months now.

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