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Cucusoft Net Guard: Internet Usage Monitor That Identifies Bandwidth-Hogging Malware

Most internet broadband plans are data capped, which means you are only able to use the amount of bandwidth that has been allocated to your account. Ideally, you shouldn’t pass this data limit and end up paying extra bills, but streaming videos on Youtube, online music stations like Grooveshark, Spotify, Pandora, and even surfing 9gag can easily cause the data bandwidth limit to be exceeded. It’s worth pointing that internet content has been seen to become overly sized within the past few years, and experts claim it will keep on rising, as it evolves and brings in more features to the people. The main thing however is how do you cope with the problem of not stepping beyond your data limit? Well, a simple solution is provided by Cucosoft Net Guard. It’s a free application that is designed to not only monitor your internet bandwidth usage, but also eliminate any malware that might be secretly sucking at your internet juice. The application includes a bandwidth meter to track native and third-party programs that are consuming too much of internet bandwidth.

The tool is quite simple to use and offers an elegant UI. It includes four different tabs namely Net Usage, Net Monitoring, Connections and Speed Test. The Net Usage lets you monitor internet bandwidth usage by weekly, monthly or yearly. Under Net Usage, it shows the total internet bandwidth usage in percentage on main window. You can choose to set bandwidth usage based alarms to get alerts when internet usage exceeds the defined bandwidth limit.

Cucusoft Net Guard

The application basically works by monitoring internet bandwidth usage of all applications that send and receive requests from their online servers. Under Net Monitor, it lists down all the applications which are using the internet connection. While you will find numerous details about these programs including Recv Speed, Send Speed, Recv Traffic, Send Traffic, Status and Type, it lets you terminate any suspicious process from right click context menu. The Connectioins tab displays not only the application, but also all the background processes that are surreptitiously using the internet. It shows information like process name, protocol, local and remote IP/Port and network state (for instance, Listen, Established, Unknown).

Net Monitor

You can instantly check your internet speed by selecting Speed Test tab and then clicking Start. The utility also shows a summary of internet usage if you hover your mouse cursor over its floating window (present over system notification bar).


The program works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 7. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions are supported.

Download Curusoft Net Guard

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