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Customize How Long Notifications Are Shown Before Being Dismissed In Windows 10

Windows 10 has newer, better looking, and much improved notifications. It also has a great Notification Center that collects them all so you can dismiss them in one go, view recent notifications, and even interact with notifications after they have been dismissed. The Notification Panel doesn’t have too many customization options but one thing you can customize, and thankfully so, is how long a notification will remain visible in the lower right corner of your screen unless you interact with it, or dismiss it yourself. You can set the interval to as low as five seconds (the default value) and as high as five minutes. Here’s how.

Open the Settings app and go to the Ease of access group of settings. Click the Other Options tab and scroll down to the ‘Show notifications for’ option. From the dropdown menu, select how long you want notifications to stay on your screen before going away by themselves. You’re restricted to choosing one of the provided intervals and cannot enter a custom interval.


The setting itself is all fine, and it would have been ridiculous of Microsoft to not add it given how very different its notifications in Windows 10 are compared to previous versions of Windows, however, they could not have hidden this option better if they had wanted to. There is a dedicated Notifications & apps tab in the Personalization group of settings and that is where a user is more likely to hunt for this option. The good thing is, the search feature in the Settings app works great and you can find it easily from there.


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