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Customize PC Auto Login & Auto Lock With Login Helper

Windows user account is a divine feature that allows different people to share the same PC, without compromising their personal files, or intervening one another’s work flow. With every new iteration of the operating system, the folks over at Redmond try to make Windows more robust and secure. One problem however that many users face with PCs having multiple user accounts is that whenever they turn their PC On, they need to select a certain account or enter user account password to log in to the Windows. Previously, we covered an application called IntelliAdmin, which allows you to enable automatic login for password-protected user accounts, as well as specify the number of times you want to log in to Windows without entering the password. Today we have another one for you called Login Helper that includes all the features offered by IntelliAdmin, along with an option to interrupt auto login by pressing Shift key and an Auto Lock feature. When the Auto Lock feature is enabled, the computer will automatically get locked following a specified time after Windows finishes loading startup items. Moreover, it lets you set Windows to automatically turn off the display and/or apply a specified screensaver after locking the system. Continue reading for pertaining details on Login Helper.

The interface has 2 tabs at the top namely, Auto Login and Auto Lock. The Auto Login tab has options to enter a Username and Password for automatic login, Disable auto login Shift key override (pressing Shift key will not interrupt login), Enable Force Auto login and Limit the Amount of Logins to a specified number. When all settings are done, click Apply followed by Exit.

Login Helper

The Auto Lock tab on the other hand lets you configure settings for automatically locking the system after defined time. As stated earlier, it also include some energy saving options that allow you to turn off monitor during lock and enable the screensaver. You can apply the Auto Lock settings to All Users, Only to Auto Login User, or apply to specified Users. The application allows you to test this feature via theĀ Test Auto LockĀ button. Clicking Apply button executes the settings.

Login Helper.png AutoLock

Login Helper is an quite a useful application if you aren’t likely fond of entering your password again and again. The application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7and windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 Ultimate.

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