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Customize Quick Action Buttons In Windows 10 Notification Center

Windows 10 Notifications Center consolidates notifications from apps and presents a single place where you can interact with them. It also has a really useful Quick Actions section at the bottom with four main actions; tablet mode, display, connect, and All Settings. If you click the Expand option, you can get quick access to four more actions; airplane mode, VPN, location, and WiFi. All good if those are the four you want to have fast access to and you are satisfied with keeping the other four as secondary options. But if you want to customize the order of the quick actions buttons, it’s easily done. Here’s how.

Launch the Settings app and go to System>Notifications & actions. Here you will see the following options.

notification center actions

Click the action button you want to change and a list of other actions supported by this feature will appear. Just select the action you want to swap positions with from the list. For example, if you decide to replace Tablet mode with WiFi, the two will interchange their positions.

quick action windows 10

The change is instant, no reboot needed. This lets you easily customize which four actions  you have super-quick access to when you open the Notification center. The option might be more useful for people on a tablet since the option to expand and view all eight supported actions isn’t exactly taxing for someone on a laptop. I will say this though. Microsoft did the right thing allowing users to customize these buttons, if only for the sake of tablet users.

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