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Customize Windows 8 Charms Bar With My WCP CharmBar Customizer

When Redmond based tech giant first unveiled Windows 8 Consumer Preview, the reaction was somewhat mixed from users and critics alike. Some would even call the OS being doomed, as Microsoft has revamped the operating system we all loved since childhood. Metro UI is so far the biggest step forward MS has taken, which merge both desktop and tablet use. As the OS is hybrid, its optimized for both desktops and touch screen devices. Even though the company excluded some useful features in Windows 8 (Windows Start Orb, for instance), some new additions have also been made, making the OS appealing as a whole. Among the various new toolbars and options included in the Windows 8, Charms Bar is one of the major additions to the UI. It changes the way we interact with the system and access different options. You can read a detailed review of the Windows 8 Charms Bar. Microsoft has aimed to increase the usability of Windows, but has not included options to edit the UI much, other than the basic Start Screen color and wallpaper texture options. However, you don’t need be worried much as My WCP CharmBar Customizer can do this for you. It is a portable tweaking tool for the Windows 8 Charms Bar that lets you customize the way it looks. Read on to find out more about how it works.

When you run the application for the first time, the SmartScreen will prevent the software from running because of being an unrecognized app (most of Windows UAC feature from preceding OS versions). Select More info and then Run anyway to start the application.


The software has all the options on the main interface, and you don’t have to deal with complex options to customize your Charms Bar. From the Default, Hover (Light) and Hover (Dark) options, you can set each icon to a custom image. Just click the default icon in the tool and select the new image to replace it. You can also set the Background Color, Text Color and Icon Hover background of the Time and Date notification and Charms Bar. If you are an advanced user, you can also manually edit the UI File.

Program Manager_2012-03-09_17-16-51

Stating the obvious, My WCP CharmBar Customizer works on Windows 8 only. Its a neat solution to quickly customize the CharmsBar the way you want it. Testing was done on 64-bit Consumer Preview version of the said OS.

Download My WCP CharmBar Customizer

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