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Customize Windows Context Menu With PC Utility Manager

PC Utility Manager is a simple application which integrates important programs in Windows context menu within convenient categories. The available categories include Default Windows Utilities, Business Utilities, Media Utilities, Network Utilities, Programming Utilities, PC Diagnostic Utilities and more.

The context menu categories are automatically installed with the app and allows easy launching of essential applications. For example, the Default Windows Utilities category contains shortcuts to Notepad, MS Calculator, MS Paint, My Computer and MS Word. This way you can avoid making desktop shortcuts or cluttering your taskbar with too many pinned icons. Instead, essential programs can be accessed from the context menu. PC Utility Manager also comes with a number of related websites which may be relevant to a category, for example, Microsoft’s website, Google, Yahoo, etc  are added in the Default Windows Category.

Default Windows Utilities

In case you wish to remove a context menu item or website shortcut, it can be done by selecting Manage PC Utilities option from the system tray.

System tray

Select a category, followed by a specific link and click Delete. You can also use the New button to add custom shortcuts to the context menu.

Manage PC Utilities...

To add new shortcut(s) to a category, add a URL or .exe file path in a desired category.  This way, one can fully customize Windows context menu by adding and removing important website and application shortcuts according to specific categories.

Manage PC Utilities...

For instance, the PC Diagnostic category contains shortcuts to System restore, System registry, System Information, Windows Event Viewer, etc. In case you use other utilities for performing maintenance tasks, such a system cleaner, a shortcut to its executable file can be added in the context menu.

PC Diagnostic Utilities

PC Utility Manager works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Editor’s Note: Oops, we have removed the download links because reader Jim Watters on Facebook reminds us that it is Adware. For alternatives, pleae check out Filerfrog, FileMenu Tools, and Moo0 Right-Clicker.

Thanks Jim!

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  1. its funny that you removed the download link because its adware. Ironic that you do that and ask us users to disable adblockers. An ad is and ad. If the guy who made this can’t get paid through ads, then neither should this site.

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