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Easily Create & Schedule Copy & Backup Operations On Windows With Cyotek CopyTools

So, you turn on your PC one fine day and bang! The hard drive isn’t working anymore, all your files are lost for good, and it’s no longer a fine day. That’s why keeping a backup of your data is a wise choice. Though having to manually create one regularly can be a hassle. If you want to automate backup operations for all your data from local hard drive to network location or USB flash drive, look no further than Cyotek CopyTools. This Windows application is designed to let you copy, mirror and move files from source to destination directory with a single click. You can also use it to create compressed ZIP archives of your files to save disk space. What’s more, it lets you create multiple backup profiles and assign different run schedules to them so you don’t have to manually do the whole thing. Details after the jump.

To get started, create a new profile by clicking the left-most toolbar icon, or using the New Profile option from the File menu.

Cyotek CopyTools  (BETA)

A profile configuration wizard with then take you through the rest of the process, allowing you set various profile parameters according to your preferences. Cyotek CopyTools can copy or mirror files from multiple source folders to one destination directory, one source to multiple destinations, or a combination of both. You will need to specify the input folders under the Source tab.

Cyotek CopyTools New Profile

The next step is specify the files that you want to copy. The tool can copy either all files and subfolders or only the selected ones pointed by you, which is a great option if you only want to backup a selected number of items and don’t wanna bother with the rest. Once done with that, click Next in order to choose the output location(s) for the backup.

Files To Copy

The next step involves selecting the copy mode. As stated earlier in the review, Cyotek CopyTools supports multiple modes of operation. Besides Copy, there’s a Mirror mode that lets you copy files to destination while deleting any previous files there in order to make it the exact replica of the source. Move mode, on the other hand, simply moves the files there, preserving any other files that were already present there. The last option, Compress, can be used to create a ZIP archive of all the source files at the destination directory. Other than that, you can choose your path append mode, and mark some additional settings such as sending deleted files to the Recycle Bin, and always overwriting any files in the destination directory with the same names as some of the source files.

Copy Mode

The Copy Mode tab gives you access to some advanced settings as well. For instance, you can choose to exclude backups of hidden, read-only and system files. There are many many additional settings you will likely find useful, all of which can be found under Copy, Removable Devices, Compression and Programs tabs. In short, it gives you quite a lot of control over the copy process.

Advanced Settings

If you want to automate the copy process, the Schedule feature is really useful. From here, you can choose how often the profile should execute, along with the scheduled execution time, day/date etc. You can also set profiles to run at system startup or shutdown, and use the advanced scheduling options to specify the days on which you don’t want it to run. Once ready, click Finish and enter a profile name along with an optional description to complete your profile.


After creating a profile, you can just forget about it and it will execute by itself based on your schedule. However, you can also manually execute it any time using the ‘Copy Now’ option from its right-click context menu.


All in all, Cyotek CopyTools is a brilliant app to backup files from multiple locations to single or more than one directory. The app works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1.

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