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Dashlane Courier Lets You Send Login Information In Encrypted, Self-Destructing Emails

We’ve covered a lot of encryption tools for multiple platforms with purposes ranging from simple file or folder encryption to scrambling text in your browser and sending it to someone online. The need to securely share files or text may seem like an unusual one, but you would be surprised how often it comes up. More often than we’d like, you have to send very sensitive information like a password to a family member or friend, and you begin to wonder if email, texts or simple IMs are the right way to do it. All of these get the job done, but mostly, none of these are secure. Dashlane Courier is a service built for this very purpose. It works in conjunction with the Dashlane password vault for Windows, Mac and Android. For those of you who don’t use it, Dashlane lets you securely save all kinds of personal information (primarily passwords and account info) for one-click filling of forms and info fields in your web browser. The information is encrypted, saved locally as well as synced with Dashlane’s online servers. A master password secures your private information from unauthorized access. The developers of Dashlane have added Dashlane Courier as a complimentary service, allowing you to share saved info with anyone as emails that self-destruct after a specific time or right after they are read.

If you aren’t a Dashlane user, you will have to download the app and create an account. You need not import anything from a web browser if you only plan to use it for sending information. Go through the preliminary setup, and then record the information you want to send. On the left of the Dashlane app’s interface, you will see Logins and Passwords; this is where you save the information you want to send. Once it’s saved, open it and you will see the Send this securely option next to Credential details.

dashlane courier

A new window opens, asking you to enter the email address you want to send the information to. You can enter more than one address at once. Type in a message and click Send. Your recipient will receive an email with a secure link and a passcode that they must enter in order to view the message. The message self-destructs in 30 minutes or as soon as they are read, ensuring that the information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

dashlane courier send message

This new feature is pretty good for sharing sensitive information, but to have to enter and save information before sending it seems a bit unnecessary if it’s a one-time exchange. The service isn’t something you can use to send private messages or notes alone, as it is purely meant to send the information stored in the Dashlane vault. However, you can add notes to each piece of login information before sharing it.

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[via Lifehacker]

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  1. The only problem I see with this is that you really don’t know if the “message self-destructs in 30 minutes” or is one a server someplace.

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