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Data Backuper Offers One-Click System Backup, Disk & Volume Cloning

Normally, data backup applications allow you to create backups of files and folders without saving their original organization structure. For instance, if you have backed up three folders from different partitions, you will have to manually place them in their correct location when you are restoring them. One way to overcome this problem is by using a disk image backup tool that lets you generate a backup of all information on a disk, complete with the locations of files and folders, the Master Boot Record, and even information about the the empty space on your drive. It is the best solution for backing up complex folder structures if you want to be able to restore everything in its original form. Today, we have a backup tool called Data Backuper that allows you to create complete disk backups, partition backups, system backups (to backup system drive) as well as disks and partitions clones. The app’s options allow you to check the integrity of a backup image, create bootable media from it, and even mount it to explore the contents via Windows Explorer without having to restore it first.

Data Backuper lets you choose different compression levels, encrypt the backup file, split large backups and make use of Intelligent Sector and Microsoft’s VSS technology for backing up system files. The main interface of the application is divided into 5 tabs namely Home, Backup, Restore, Clone and Utilities. The Home tab maintains a list of all the previously created backups, letting you restore them and create new ones.

Data Backuper Home

Clicking the New Backup button on the Home tab takes you to the Backup tab. It has three self-explanatory options: Disk Backup, Partition Backup and System Backup.

Data Backuper Backup

Each option has two steps. First, you choose the data that you want to backup. Next, you specify the destination for saving the backup image. After providing this information, simply click Start Backup to begin the backup process.

Data Backuper Start Backup

The Backup Options button lets you add comments to your backup file, change compression level for the backup image, enable encryption and set a password, specify a splitting size in case of a large backup, enable Intelligent Sector Backup to only backup the used section of file systems for reducing the backup image size, and enable Microsoft’s VSS technology to backup data without interrupting any running applications.

Data Backuper Backup Settings

The Restore tab lists all the backup images created by the application, and lets you browse your hard drive to import any that you have created using another computer or on your previous Windows installation. You can just select the image file, specify the restore location and start the restore process.

Data Backuper Restore

The Clone tab allows you to create clones of existing drives and partitions. This type of backup will include all the information on the disk, including the Master Boot Record information, and a record of the free space on the source drive or partition.

Data Backuper Clone

The Utilities tab offers different tools that allow you to check the integrity of the backup image, create bootable rescue media such as CD/DVD/USB Flash drives. and explore the contents of a backup image file by mounting it as a virtual drive without having to restore it first.

Data Backuper Utilities

Its impressive feature set and price tag of free makes Data Backuper an impressive contender in the Windows backup tools arena. The application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7,Windows 8, Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012.

Download Data Backuper


  1. Mega- super program: tested and restored the system from zero to backup in 15 minutes!
    Thanks for the program (sorry for my english)

  2. What an unfortunate choice of a name for what looks to be a really powerful and useful program. Maybe they’ll realize the flub and change the name in the future. I doubt many power users will take this program seriously due to the name.

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