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Manage Unlimited Number Of DB Connections & Run SQL Scripts With Database Browser

Database managers mostly prefer using a portable tool, which can establish database connections while on the go to perform basic level of database management operations. Apart from administering all the established connections, if you’re dealing with multiple types of databases and want one standalone utility capable of managing all of them, Database Browser is probably what you need. It not only let administrators connect with multiple databases but allows establishing multiple connections with a wide range of DB types including, Oracle, Ms SQL Server, ODBC, MySql, PostgreSql, Firebird, OleDB, SQLite, and Sql Server CE. Sounds perfect, right?

What sets it apart from recently covered database tools – MySQL Explorer and Exportizer, is that it can handle unlimited connections, quickly switch between listed DBs while maintaining the execution history. Intrinsic SQL Builder is the most significant tool, which can run SQL scripts and design relationships among tables. Database Browser is developed to edit table data, export table entries to Excel 2010 compatible formats – XLSX and CSV, print selected table columns and to sift through data entries.

database browser

The main interface is designed keeping basic level of  database management in mind. Connections with table entries can be seen in left sidebar whereas selected table’s content is shown in main window. Running it for the first time needs adding at least one DB connection. Click Add from Connection menu to fill-in DB name, Connection Type, Host address, and Username & Password. Now test the connection to modify details in case of a failure. Once connection is established, select specific database from underneath the Host field and click OK to list selected database content.

Connection Properties 1

The main features are listed on the toolbar, where you can start search, print selected row/column, export to Excel, bring up print preview, add a new record and delete existing datasets, and make table read only to prevent changes.

excel 2

A small button at extreme left of toolbar will show SQL view with option to open SQL Query builder. A small SQL query window lets you add, edit and run SQL statements on the fly.

SQL Query Buil

SQL Query Builder takes tables and queries administration to the next level. You can bring inter-connected tables from right sidebar for defining relationships among them, view queries in tree-like structure, and verify relationships by executing queries.

SQL Query Builder 2

Rarely do we see a portable database utility which offers management to such extent. Database Browser certainly offers a lot more than just basic browsing capabilities, therefore it will be particularly useful for DB managers who need to modify table entries, design relationships, and to execute SQL statements from multiple databases. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Database Browser

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