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Delete And Manage System Restore Points With System Restore Manager

Creating a system restore point before installing a new software, application or driver of which you’re unsure of is a must-taken step, if an event of erratic system behavior occurs, you can easily restore the system to the previously saved state. Windows 7 offers a seamless way to create system restore points letting user to take a risk or install any application without fearing serious implications. The restore points may take large disk space to save all the information included in the system state. While cleaning up disk, you have only an option to delete all the restore points in one-go. This poses a question that what if you need to keep an important one and need to delete a specific restore point from the list?

This is where System Restore Manager comes in sight. As name implies, it is built to manage all the restore points. It allows user to create a restore point with additional settings can be configured and location of restore point can also be specified. Before creating a system restore point, you can specify the location, size to used, time interval, and restore point expiry duration. Importantly it also let users to delete specified restore points on-the-fly.

delete restore point

To ensure deletion, you can also check it from Windows build-in restore point application where all the previously created restore points are listed.


Keeping  important restore point(s)  has certainly made easy by this application, as before now for cleaning up disk to acquire free space, removing all existing restore points and keeping one previously saved restore point was only the option.

It runs on Windows Vista and Windows 7, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system

Download System Restore Manager

For more, you can check out Single Click Restore Point.

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