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Delete Files By Date Removes Files By Date, Time, Format, And Size

Previously we reviewed Deletist– an application which is used for deleting files/folder in bulk, the only drawback is that it requires you to specify a text file, carrying a list of file/folder locations to delete them at once. Delete Files By Date is another batch file deletion utility which brings comfort and a lot more options than Deletist. It is a simple tool which enables user to delete files in bulk by specifying date and time stamps. The application offers a wide range of parameters which you can apply in multiple ways to remove the files that were created on specified date range and have specific timestamps.

You might be nodding disapprovingly as to why use a dedicated application since Windows build-in Search feature is capable enough to show the files by date/time, so user can remove them in one go, the reason being that this application provides a bunch of filters, an option to specify date/time range along with size units to take the file deletion procedure to the advance level. It is possible to filter down the list by size units (MB,KB,GB) to remove files which falls in a defined size category. These provided functionalities can come in handy, when you’re dealing with enormous backup copies and need to remove them all in a few clicks.

Its usage is self-explanatory, as all the parameters are clearly defined on the main interface. Under Search for files, specify the date attribute type (Accessed, Modified, Created) along with size range in KB/MB/GB. Alongside, you can select the date and time range and if necessary specify the size range. From Search Locations, you can add a list of locations where files are residing, furthermore, you can also search for a specific type of file by clicking Find. Once you’ve defined the criteria, click Delete button to remove all the files according to set parameters.

Delete Files By Date

It offers password-protection to prevent any unauthorized user from removing files. The application proves to be a time-saving batch file deletion tool. It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Delete Files By Date

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