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Delete Flash Cookies Completely From The System

Cookie or shall I say, HTTP (Hyper Text Markup Language) cookie is a file carrying string of text holding private information. While surfing through the web, filling in forms, submitting login credentials, your web browser starts piling them up. This whole phenomena poses a serious privacy concern, as anybody can extract important info & breech confidentiality barrier.

Even though, there are multitude of scripts & tools available to remove them completely, they are not up to removing flash cookies, flash cookies a.k.a LSO (Local Shared Objects) are cookie-alike file holding relevant info and supported by all version of Adobe Flash player. This problem begets the need of FlashCookiesCleaner.

It is a small but extremely powerful portable tool specially built to remove LSO’s from the system. To remove flash cookies, launch the app. It will automatically start the analysis of flash cookies present in your system and show them in its small IDE.

flash cleaner1

Once finished with analysis, simply click Delete to remove them from the system.

It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download FlashCookiesCleaner

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