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Depeche View Lite: Search, Load & Edit Thousands Of Text Files At Once

Depeche View Lite is a portable application for loading, viewing and searching text, CSV and log files within a directory tree. You can search a phrase (by simply clicking on it), fly through results by moving the mouse wheel, copy text and create bookmarks. For example, it can load thousands of text files in a single window, which provides you instant search facility (as you type). You can search a word just by clicking on it, by copying a line, creating bookmarks and adding self-defined commands on function keys. Details after the break.

To get started, select a directory containing the text files. You can click Open button to load all text files from a folder, append text from folder, load text from a single file, append text from a file and configure loading filters and options.


To configure advanced settings and filtering content, select the “loading and filters” option. From here, you can load only file names containing specific file extensions, include sub-directories and hidden files/folders in the search result, load text from binary files, load text from wide character files, change font style, enable disable case sensitive search, enable one click search, activate highlighting of whole search result, enable assistance mode, display cache for fast scrolling and more.

Depeche View Options Setup

It must be noted that Depeche View has both a free and paid version. The light version has a limitation, i.e., you can only load and search up to 1,000 files (or 20 MB or text). Depeche View works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Depeche View Lite

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