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DeskAngel Offers Multiple Windows, System, And Desktop Features

DeskAngel is a free utility that enhances the desktop and windows functions in multiple ways. It offers various set of features such as;  System, Windows enhancement, and Visual effect features.

The tiny program appears on the system tray, so you can access all the features quickly. You also have the option to enable/disable any feature from Enable Features sub-menu. You will find windows enhancement features like; Auto scroll and toggle application’s rolling window. System features include turn off monitor, lock Windows and hibernate Windows. Some interesting visual effect features can also be seen in feature list such as: Edge Snap (similar to Auto snap for Windows 7).


Windows Enhancement Features

Click middle mouse button (Wheel button) to toggle maximize/restore a window. Hold down right alt key while double clicking on the title bar of any window to close it. Double-click title bar of any window to roll it up (as shown below).

DeskAngel roll up window

System Features

Use System functions to activate features, such as Hibernate, Lock the Windows and Turn off Monitor. You can also use pre-defined hotkeys win + I to Lock windows, win + o to Turn off Monitor, and win + h to Hibernate windows.

DeskAngel System functions

Visual Effect Features

It also offers visual effect features, such as Edge snap. You can use this feature to snap windows to screen edges. Additionally, the mouse cursor can be hidden by enabling Hide cursor while typing option. You can also take screenshots from Screen Clipping. Use the mouse cursor to define the length and width of the screenshot.

Though the application offers a number of different features, but some of them further complicate tasks, rather than simplifying them. A good example is the option to close a window first by visiting its title bar, then holding down the right alt key, and finally double-clicking the left mouse button anywhere on the window title bar. A simpler alternative is to click the close button from window title menu, which makes me wonder why this feature is included. Despite the odds, it  offer some benefits too, such as Edge snap, which can be useful for older versions of Windows, such as XP and Vista, that don’t offer Aero snap.

It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download DeskAngel

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