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Desktop Calendar & Event Management Software UK’s Kalender

There are many event management software available which are capable of managing events using calendar view but they are mostly either shareware or integrated with other applications. Uk’s Kalender is the freeware, simple and snappy event manager to organize your dates, tasks, to-dos list and reminds you of upcoming events.

Uk’s Kalender includes nice & simple functions with different views that provides user with the best handling for repetitive events, Along with brilliant calendar it also contains to-do’s list where you can enter tasks with a deadline and forewarn time. If the forewarn time is reache, it will inform you with different sounds, symbols and colors.

uk calender event

The tabbed interface facilitates users to switch between different views that includes fortnight, weekly, monthly, and yearly view.

uk kalender week view

Some notable features include: Automatically save changes, Categorize events, Provides network sharing capability, Forewarn and snooze function, Search and filter function, Supports audio files for reminding events and export to HTML-and CSV-format.

Download Uk’s Kalender (Link can be found in the bar on the left side of this page.)

It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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