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Desktop Google Translator

Geniale Translator is an Adobe Air app which unlike AIRTranslate has far more options. It has the text editor which is geared towards IT workers and almost everyone else. AIRTranslate is good for simplicity but if you need a professional desktop translator, then Geniale Translator takes the prize.

You can change the font style and size, change color, align it, and more. But the best feature is real-time, the text will be translated as you type.

geniale translator

Did you know that you can also load a text file and it will translate it’s content? Also there is an option to save the output as a text file instead of having to copy paste large paragraphs or whole articles.

Download Geniale Translator

It is a cross-platform tool, i.e, it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac provided there is Adobe Air already installed. Enjoy!

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