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Desktop-Reminder: Reminder & Alert Scheduling With Custom Snooze Time

There are a whole host of task managers and reminder services and software available to help you remember important events and simple everyday tasks like picking up milk. Desktop-Reminder is an application that allows you to add tasks as far advance as you want and set up a reminder for each task as late or as early as you like. The application, gives you audio alerts and can run unobtrusively in the system tray. You can categorize the tasks and filter them based on the category or description. It automatically highlights tasks with the closest due date.

Once installed, start adding and scheduling your tasks. Click the New Task button, enter a description for the task, specify a date for when the task is due. You can bump the due date of the task up a day, a week or an entire month by clicking the +1, +7 and +1M buttons next to the date field. By default, the application enters the current day’s date as the due date of the task, to change the date, click the small calendar icon next to the date field. Each task is entered without any category, you can edit the category any time. Categories are restricted to the ones listed in the dropdown. For each task, you can define how frequently it occurs and what time of of the day it should remind you of the task. After setting each option for a task, click Ok and the task will be added.

Edit Task

All tasks are listed in the main Tasks tab. The free version does not allow  you to view your task calendar, i.e., you can only view tasks one day at a time and not for an entire week or month. Click Modify to edit a task, Delete to remove a task and Mark as done to mark a task as completed.

Desktop-Reminder 2

When a task is due, an alert pops up, the alert is accompanied with an alarm. You can snooze this alert; by default it will appear again after 5 minutes, however you can define a custom time for the snooze button.

Desktop-Reminder alert

You can close the application (it can’t be minimized) and it rests unobtrusively in your system tray. You can exit it or maximize it by right-clicking the icon in the tray and choosing either Show or Exit from the context menu.

Desktop-Reminder system tray

You can edit the appearance of the application by choosing one of its preinstalled themes. Go to Tool -> Options and choose Layout in the options window.

Desktop-Reminder Options_

The slightly annoying part of the application is it pops up an alert to activate the PRO version each time you click the Calendar tab in the main window.

Download Desktop-Reminder

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