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Digesec Hashing Utility: Generate & Verify Hash Values Of Files & Text

Hash values are used to verify the integrity of files, and zip archives. If the contents of the file, or a zip archive change, its hash value will also change. So, if the file has been tampered in any way, it can be checked by generating its hash value and comparing it with the value of the original file. Previously, we have covered, both tools, as well as extensions that allow users to generate and compare hash values of files to verify their integrity. Applications like SFV Ninja and HashSlash let you generate and verify hash values, while Shell Extensions such as HashTab and FilePropsMan adds a tab containing file hash information and verification in the properties of files. Digesec Hasing Utility is a hash utility that lets you generate and verify hash values of file, as well as text. It can be used to confirm the authenticity of a file and hash passwords. The application supports a lot of hashing algorithms such as ADLER, CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, TIGER etc.

The application has Open File, Enter Text, Copy, Paste, Delete, Hash Only and Verify buttons available at the top. To generate the hash value of text, select the hash algorithm from the drop down list, select Hash Only and paste the text in the provided field. The hash will be displayed directly below the text in the main interface. You can easily copy the hash value to another file and save it for future reference.

Digesec Hashing Utility

To calculate and verify the hash value of a file in one operation, select Hash Only or Verify, depending on if you want to just generate the hash value, or compare it to a value provided with the file. To verify the hash value, select Verify, click Open File and navigate to the required file, choose the hash algorithm and click Calculate file’s hash. The application will ask you for the Expected Hash, enter the value and click OK. A popup window will notify you if the hash value succeeds or fails to match.

Digisec Success

Digesec Hashing Utlity works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Digesec Hashing Utility

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