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Disable Taskbar Transparency In Windows 8 With Opaque Taskbar

Compared to its predecessors, the Windows 8 UI has received a major overhaul. The famous Aero Glass effect has been discontinued and replaced with a more simpler interface. Instead of rounded corners, the windows are now squared and the title bars and other borders are not  transparent anymore. Some people have welcomed these changes while others are still in love with Aero. If you are of the former type, you might find one thing a bit annoying. While everything else has been changed to be opaque, the taskbar in Desktop mode still retains its transparency. Now using a tool called Opaque Taskbar, you can easily change the transparency of the taskbar and make it opaque to match the rest of the UI.

By default, the taskbar is transparent and you can see parts of windows through it if they are behind it. This is in line with the UI of Windows 7 but since the new theme has been designed to appear solid and opaque, it seems a bit out of place in Windows 8.

Taskbar Transparent

Even though there are quite a lot of previously unavailable UI personalization options in Windows 8, the option to adjust or change transparency has been removed with Aero Glass. Opaque Taskbar provides you with the option in the form of a one-click tool to let you easily toggle the taskbar transparency. Just launch the app, click the Disable Taskbar Transparency button, and the setting wil be instantly applied.

Opaque Taskbar

Once disabled, you can turn the transparency back on by clicking the Enable Taskbar Transparency button. Unfortunately, your setting will not last upon computer restart, as Windows will automatically make the taskbar transparent again. Though the application offers you to automatically disable transparency every time Windows starts.

Taskbar Opaque

Opaque Taskbar is a portable application and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.

Download Opaque Taskbar

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