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Disable Unsecure Windows Components, Hackers & Script-Kiddies

The first step to protect yourself against viruses, worms, and malicious code would be to disable unsecure and unused operating system components, hackers, and script-kiddies. Windows has hundreds of components that majority of users do not need but are enabled by default. Hackers can find any unsecure component and take control of the system, this won’t happen if the component itself is disabled.

Note: This post is only useful for network administrators and advanced users who tend to keep their corporate network and home network secure.

Windows 7 is secure but to further protect the systems, you might want to disable some insecure security settings, system settings, and services. System Control Manager is an opensource security tool for administrators to help them disable all unsecure operating system parts from a simple-to-use interface. You will also find options to disable various unneeded Internet Explorer settings and clean Privacy.

Just check a setting to disable it, no need to click Save (in fact there is no button of this sort, except in Privacy tab where Clean button is necessary).

Security Control Manager

system control managerservices control manager

Internet Explorer Control Manager
Privacy Control Manager

The downside is that it does not allow disabling of unsecure components on a large scale over a network. Also it is not portable so it might turn off some users.

It works on Windows XP all the way up to Windows 7.

Download System Control Manager

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  • Ravi Gupta

    The first screenshot looks sharp. Remaining look blurry. Any specific reason?

    • Thanks goes to Microsoft Windows live team who have seriously messed up the latest version of Windows Live Writer. Change the align and the image will become blurred. Copy and paste it back to fix the problem.

      • Ravi Gupta

        Hey Nakodari, that begs the question – is it the leaked version of Wave 4 we are talking about? 😉

        • Yes! Feel free to ask any other questions in the forum.

  • pascal

    is infected with “Backdoor.Win32.Rbot.ahye” (dixit Kaspersky AV)

    I have tried some mirrors on Sourceforge.
    All times Security Manager is detected as trojan & deleted immediately.