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Disable/Enable Write Access On USB & External Drives

Everyone knows that USB viruses are a serious headache. You plug-in your friend’s USB drive and the first thing that will happen is that your computer will get infected. To prevent a virus from entering your computer, one way is to disable USB Autorun.

But you can only disable it in your computer, what if you want to use a public computer or a computer in your lab? In this case the best way is to disable write access on your USB drive. To do so, there are two tools for this purpose ThumbScrew and USB Write Protector, both have been covered in this post.

Suppose you want to insert a USB Drive in a public computer to open some files or documents, but don’t want to get your drive infected. Just run ThumbScrew or USB Write Protector and disable write access. Now insert your USB Drive and run the files from easily. In this way you will remain both safe and secure.


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