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Discover And Download Music With Mulve

Mulve is a small (2MB) portable music downloader which aims to bring ease with speed in downloading and discovering a wide range of music. As far as music downloading applications are concerned, you may have already got acquainted with many tools, Mulve differs in the context of both downloading and discovering music. The developers behind the application are a bit reluctant in divulging the search sources, but certainly have worked a lot in finding and making them work with this music downloader.

Whilst offering portability, it comes with simple and neat interface but with ad-support (major downside). All you would need is to enter search keywords, if you’re expecting a lot of results, click Extended Search to show more than 100 results. The search results are shown beneath the search bar with Save button for each track that it found.

mulve 3

A click on Save button will prompt you to specify the output folder. Once specified, it will start downloading the track to the selected location. Below you can watch a brief video demonstrating the application usage.

Nothing aberrant about the software except ads, though I felt that it would have been better if it offered some filters to narrow down the search. It runs on all versions of Windows, we tested successfully on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Mulve

Editor’s Note: Mulve has caught attention of the whole blogoshpere. It is ad supported, so we will never recommend it. You can, however, give it a shot to see if you like it. Personally, I will prefer Songr, Grooveshark Downloader, and TheLastRipper over Mulve any time.

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  • Nick

    Keep in mind that they probably need ads to pay for bandwidth, I assume a program like that wouldn’t be cheap to run.

  • Siroz

    Actually, this program downloads files from Vkontakte.
    It is based on an open source program called pirateApp that you can find here: http://code.google.com/p/pirateapp/
    developped by someone at the MIT.

    They just added ads and closed the source. You can fin more information about that here (in french sorry):
    bye, Yohan

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