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Disk Image – Create Image Of Your Hard Drive And Recover Single Drives

O&O Disk Image is a tool for Windows Operating System that lets you create an image of your entire computer for backup purpose. This image file can be used later to recover/restore any crashed drive.

When running this tool for the first time it will install a system file, restart your computer and run this tool again. Now click Create An Image and select the destination where you would like to save the Image file.

Note: Do not save the Image file in the local drive, it is recommended to save the Image file in the USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive.

Below is the screenshot showing the various feature of each button.

disk image main

To recover a drive, click Restore an Image and select the Image that you created. Also you can check the Information of an Image using the same method simply by clicking Image Information button. Overall, it is a great tool that is easy-to-use and simply understandable.

Listed below are some features of this tool:

  • Image all drives, including drive information and system partition
  • Restore single data drives
  • Save space with follow-up images, that only save changes made since the previous one
  • Display image information
  • Easy to use, and totally free



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